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The first day of any new job is stressful. But for Carrie, a production assistant (and secretly aspiring writer), it might just be a dream come true. Because all she must do is make sure her hero, esteemed Shakespearean actor Sir Timothy, arrives to set on time. 

Unfortunately, that's where the roadblocks begin.

Sir Timothy is quickly impatient, irritable, and unamused with Carrie's questionable driving. And as London traffic merges with her considerable lack of direction, he has no intention of making her job easier.

As they pass his former theatre, Sir Timothy briefly softens as Carrie remembers the performances of his youth. But his nostalgia is short-lived as performance anxiety takes over, leading to an impromptu rehearsal in the car. Things escalate as Sir Timothy criticises the script and laments the downfall of his career into a B-level science fiction film. But Carrie, whose own career is struggling to take off, has only tough love. The two clash in a generational battle of perspectives that pit the optimism of youth against the regrets of age. 

Until Carrie lets slip one crucial detail: she doesn’t have her driving license.

As Sir Timothy takes the wheel, Carrie is certain her career is over before it's even begun. But to her surprise, the two bond in their shared jadedness and longing for things past and things not yet begun. Finally, Sir Timothy promises not to tell anyone about Carrie’s lie, but only if she keeps a little secret he's had since 1998.

This short film is a funny and heartfelt tale of two strangers at opposite ends of life. As one's career struggles to take off, the other attempts to grasp the significance of the past. But together, they find an intersection.

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